How attractive are you?

We all know people who seem to get the job that’s right for them; who are comfortable and at ease in social situations; who have a good family life. Far removed from the many who struggle frenetically to make a go of their lives. But...... do we have to fight and chase for what we think we need, or can we too attract that sort of life to us?


My answer to the question “can we attract the sort of life we want to lead?” is YES – absolutely 100% YES. We can. If others can so can we.

Learn to deal with your anxiety

To the anxiety sufferer it can seem that the symptoms appear out of the blue. Churning stomach, feelings of nausea, racing pulse, shallow breathing, inability to get off to sleep, difficulty concentrating – to name but a few.


These are all the natural symptoms of the body getting ready to flee or to fight because it thinks it is in danger. When we are under threat, we produce adrenalin that prepares us for action. In today’s world we often feel under threat and produce adrenalin, but are not in a position to physically expend it by fighting or fleeing. So it stays in the system and we feel anxious instead. Often we don’t even know what we are anxious about.

Get rid of anxiety

Poor sleeping, teeth grinding, inability to concentrate, low pain threshold, poor memory, panic attacks, sweating, increased awareness of danger can all be symptoms of stress and anxiety.


For some people this can be a temporary state due to some passing external factor like a looming deadline, physical illness or family problem. For others it seems to them to be permanently how they are. Chronic anxiety.

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