Don’t let anxiety ruin your life

People often feel anxious and stressed when they are in unfamiliar places or situations – especially if they feel there is no escape. It may mean they avoid going to the theatre or a football match or even picking the children up from school. It may mean they avoid speaking in public, or dread going to board meetings.

Don't let anxiety ruin your life. Hypnotherapy Guildford, Southampton, Lewes, Loxwood, Haslemere

Judith had avoided flying for the past eighteen years ever since having a panic attack when flying out to the States as a teenager. Indeed, she has continued to experience anxiety and panic attacks in everyday situations up until very recently.

Alpha-Stim and Depression

Depression and anxiety are major world health issues. It is encouraging therefore that recent research gives grounds for optimism that there is much more that can be done to help people with these debilitating issues. It is known that the brain can heal and adapt.

Alpha-stim and Depression. Hypnotherapy Guildford, Southampton, Lewes, Loxwood, Haslemere

New medications are coming on line, together with other approaches such as the Alpha-Stim – which is a small MP3 sized device that is clipped to the earlobes and has the effect of stimulating the calming Alpha state, similar to that which can be achieved through meditation or self hypnosis.

You can learn to control how you feel

Most of us are already adept at self-hypnosis. Not only are we constantly receiving subliminal messages from the news, advertisements, our friends, the workplace, many of which sink in without our being aware of it; most of us are good at self talk too. Who hasn’t had the thought “I can do this”, or “I can’t do that”. Who hasn’t told themselves how bored/fearful/anxious we are going to be at that party or in that meeting and felt bored, fearful or anxious as a result.

Control how you feel. Hypnotherapy Guildford, Southampton, Lewes, Loxwood, Haslemere

What I find with many of my patients is that they just don’t realize the extent to which they are psyching themselves up (or down); nor do they realize quite how they are doing it.

Changed drinking habits

Maureen is an attractive mother of two school age children. She grew up in a family where a drink in the evening was the norm and so it was natural for her to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine after the day’s work was done.


More recently though, Maureen began to notice that this was happening every night and she began to feel that her drinking was getting out of control. What she wanted to be able to do was enjoy the occasional glass of wine at home or with friends and be able to leave it at that.

Lose weight the natural way

The experts will tell you that diets do not work – for long. Rather, it is generally accepted that people often end up weighing more as a result of yo-yo dieting.


People who maintain a naturally healthy weight tend to have a different mindset than those who struggle with their weight. Learn this successful mental strategy and for most people, they too can maintain a healthy natural weight.

When you analyse the approach that healthy eaters have to eating, you notice a number of characteristics they have in common.

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