Do please download any or all of these podcasts. Make sure you are in a comfortable place when you listen to them.  Do not listen if driving or doing anything that requires your full conscious attention.


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A conversation about sleep downloadtune
5 minutes of Calm downloadtune
What is Hypnotherapy? downloadtune
How to Stop Smoking downloadtune
Become the Right Weight for You downloadtune

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Be proactive – learn how to become – and remain, calm and in control
Don’t let anxiety ruin your life
Alpha-Stim and Depression
You can learn to control how you feel
Changed drinking habits
Learn to deal with your anxiety
Get rid of anxiety
How attractive are you?
The power of belief
Gain inner confidence through hypnotherapy
Depression – new ways of thinking
Personalised hypnosis that makes a difference
EMDR. What’s good for the forces can be good for you too
You can process and change unhelpful and debilitating emotions
You may not be able to change what is happening to you – but you can change how you respond to it
Spotlight on hypnotherapy
Hypnosis changes habits
Is who you are what you do?
Dealing with stress
Travel with confidence
Put Smoking Behind You
Have you really decided to stop smoking?
Get rid of those cravings
Lose weight the natural way