Changed drinking habits

Maureen is an attractive mother of two school age children. She grew up in a family where a drink in the evening was the norm and so it was natural for her to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine after the day’s work was done.


More recently though, Maureen began to notice that this was happening every night and she began to feel that her drinking was getting out of control. What she wanted to be able to do was enjoy the occasional glass of wine at home or with friends and be able to leave it at that.

She came to see me and we did some hypnotherapy designed to break the old patterns and establish feelings of control. This was reinforced with another session a couple of weeks later. Maureen was pleased to find that she was feeling far more in control and drinking a lot less. Even so, she noticed that she still had an underlying level of anxiety and occasional feelings of helplessness that the drinking had in part been masking.

We tracked this back and she suddenly realised the first time she had experienced this feeling. It was when she was a child and a close family member had a bad car accident. She remembered the shock of being told and the feeling of utter helplessness that she experienced. This memory and all the feelings that went with it had never been properly dealt with and let go.

We processed these feelings of anxiety using a technique called EMDR and Maureen now feels at ease. There are no anxieties from that incident to mask any more. She can enjoy the occasional drink now sure in the knowledge that she is in control.

We all behave the way we do for our own individual reasons. Sometimes the seeds of our behaviour were sown so long ago that we no longer know why we do what we do. Often, we can let the past be the past and it is enough to know that we want to change and how we want to be in the future. And at other times as with Maureen it is important to revisit those old experiences; lance old wounds; let in the daylight of an adult perspective.


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