Improve Spelling

To consider oneself to be a poor speller can be embarrassing and limiting. Happily NLP has discovered a strategy that can help improve spelling.

NLP spelling strategy

NLP is all about the study of excellence - and noting the conscious and unconscious ways in which this is achieved.

The study of good spellers has found that they have a mental strategy for remembering how a word should be spelt which includes visualising the word and comparing it with an internal database of remembered words so that the good speller knows when the word has been spelt correctly.

Poor spellers very often tend to try and remember how the word sounds rather than visualising it - and they have not created an internal database in their mind about how the word should be spelt. Consequently, a poor speller does not know if what he has spelt is right or wrong, so does not even know when it is time to look up the correct spelling in a dictionary.

Poor spellers can be taught the 'good' spelling strategy quite easily and get tremendous improvements in their spelling ability and confidence as a result.