Get rid of those cravings

Sarah is an NHS professional in her 40’s. She has always had a sweet tooth but 7 years ago developed Candida overgrowth and was told that she must cut sugar from her diet. She knew it was the right thing to do but had tremendous cravings and just couldn’t help herself sneaking the odd sweet thing and before she knew it she had gone overboard and eaten the lot. She was feeling bad about herself, overweight, and had low energy.


When she came to see me we explored just how these cravings were occurring. For a start, Sarah worked tremendously hard with hardly a break all day. In those short breaks she would eat something quick to keep her going. Then when she got home she would feel guilty if she sat down to relax, feeling that she should be slaving away for her family. She was putting everyone else first and herself way down the pecking order.

She was also telling herself that she was being denied something she wanted – sugar. The more she felt she was being denied, the more she wanted it.

As a child and right through her life, her mother had been telling her that you had to be thin to be attractive. As a result she didn’t like the way she looked – in fact she hated looking at herself.

Low self esteem, no time for herself, eating the wrong food, and hating the way she looked, all combined to focus Sarah’s craving on sweet things which seemed to make her feel better for a while. And now she wasn’t able to eat them.

Over three further sessions, using hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, Sarah began to value herself for who she was. She made time in her schedule for herself. She recognised that her family was perfectly capable of taking a lot of responsibility for itself. She realised that it was her choice to be fit and well and that she was making the choice not to eat sugar, rather than having the decision forced on her.

Over this period, the cravings for sugar disappeared. As a bi-product she became one stone lighter. Her skin began to glow and people started saying how good she looked.

Once you change what is going on inside, the outside changes too.


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