Have you really decided to stop smoking?

It was reported recently in the Daily Telegraph that a man is so desperate to stop smoking that he is being taken out to a deserted island for a month where there is not a chance of getting hold of a cigarette.


Most people do not need to go to such extremes. Our bodies do not like smoke, they never did and once a proper decision is made to stop smoking most people stop.

The key is in making a proper decision to stop. i.e. a decision, which the whole mind approves of. It is all too easy to make decisions with the conscious part of the mind, which are not recognised by the subconscious part. And it is the subconscious part that does the craving, and causes the problems if it is not on board with your decision.

Of course there are times when the subconscious mind fully understands that smoking is just not on. Such as when travelling by plane, or in some area where there are explosive gases. Generally, smokers do not even think about smoking at these times because the whole of their mind has got the message that “you don’t smoke here”.

Recent research into smoking cessation shows that hypnotherapy is by far and away the most successful method of stopping. Far more effective in most cases than nicotine patches. And it is successful because it amplifies the decision to stop smoking and become a non smoker, so that both the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind understand. The majority of people stop after one extended session.

And it seems to make little difference whether a person has smoked for 50 years or 50 weeks. The important thing is fully making that decision.

So, rather than going to all the effort of finding your own deserted island, you may find that there is someone who can help much closer to home.


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