Personalised hypnosis that makes a difference

How often do you want to do something and then find it doesn’t happen? This is because part of your mind – obviously in this case a more powerful part – has other plans. And this part tends to be subconscious, so called because you are not really aware of its workings. Yet most of your bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, sweating, temperature control, sex drive are controlled by it, and all of your long-term memories and habits are stored there.


One of my clients was a highly successful businessman who always excelled at everything he did. Over a period of time he found himself to be depressed and completely lacking in energy. Long lists of things had built up and he just couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than watch TV. His family life started falling apart and life became a vicious circle with one problem leading to another.

After five sessions of hypnotherapy he was not only back to his old self, but more than that – he began to lead a more rounded life, finding more time for exercise, relaxation and fun. He became a whole person rather than a driven one. As Michael said “Through our sessions something has clicked into place and I feel much calmer and in control”.

Effective, long lasting changes have to be made consciously AND subconsciously. Hypnosis, combined with the cognitive approach of NLP coaching is able to safely provide a pathway to your subconscious mind. This helps you to change unhelpful thinking patterns and tap into your full potential.

In this way you can make important changes – from conquering fear of heights or public speaking to improving your relationships by handling stressful situations better and, of course, dumping unwanted habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

Clinical hypnotherapy can at the very least be a deeply relaxing experience. When combined with NLP, it can transform your life by helping you move away from existing problems and identify new solutions.


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