Gain inner confidence through hypnotherapy

Most of us have experienced irrational fears that prevent us enjoying our lives as fully as we would like. Fear of going into a supermarket. Fear of going into a crowded room. Fear of flying. Fear of getting too closely involved in a relationship. Fear of public speaking.

Sometimes we cope with these fears through outward bravado. Sometimes by smoking or drinking too much. Often by avoiding the situation.


I have worked with many people who are fine and confident at work yet who feel out of their depth and inadequate at home. This can result in difficult relationships with the family. Others are fine when they are in the bosom of the family yet they feel exposed and defensive at work, or at social occasions.

When people come to me with ‘irrational’ negative feelings, they often say that it feels as though they have no control of the part of themselves that is creating these feelings. Very often people will say that they feel angry or upset and they don’t know why.

The reason for these irrational feelings is usually that some facet of our personality is stuck in the past – with all the feelings that it had back then.

These parts of us are often buried deeply in our minds and do not respond easily to conventional coaching or therapies.

Mary is a businesswoman at the top of her profession, yet for as long as she can remember she has had a feeling of anxiety in the pit of her stomach whenever she is around people other than her immediate family. She has never felt that she fitted in. For her, there were a few significant childhood experiences, which, once revisited under hypnotherapy, she was able to rationalise and let go. The feelings of anxiety went too.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe route to understanding, nurturing and updating these younger parts of ourselves so that the whole person can feel confident and able to cope in these situations. In this way irrational fears become a thing of the past, and people find they can enjoy that holiday, make that speech, relate to their children or work colleagues and live life more fully. Typically people report that they feel lighter, calmer, more at ease with themselves with the result that they have more energy too.


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