How attractive are you?

We all know people who seem to get the job that’s right for them; who are comfortable and at ease in social situations; who have a good family life. Far removed from the many who struggle frenetically to make a go of their lives. But...... do we have to fight and chase for what we think we need, or can we too attract that sort of life to us?


My answer to the question “can we attract the sort of life we want to lead?” is YES – absolutely 100% YES. We can. If others can so can we.

The difference between those who do attract to themselves the life they want and those who do not is not so much what is happening to them - recession, job losses, share prices tumbling - it is what is happening inside them.

It is in their intention. They know what they want. What they want at home, in their finances, in their social life. It is in their expectation. They know and they believe that they are going to have these things. It is in their attitude. They know that they are both capable and deserving of it.

We can all develop these positive and powerful intentions, expectations and attitudes. There are countless examples of people changing their lives immeasurably for the better when they have come to the realisation that the ability to feel confident, feel resourceful, feel in control, to have goals and expect to achieve them lies within them. And it is surprising how often what we are feeling on the inside becomes reflected on the outside. Things start going our way.

Sometimes it is life’s disasters such as losing our job, getting divorced, illness, that provide with hindsight the opportunity to take stock, make those internal changes, step off the treadmill, start attracting. Attracting the life that is right for you.


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