The Power of Self-Hypnosis

When I first met Carol I could see she was a quick-thinking, energetic woman.  She told me that she had a hiatus hernia and often had reflux at night especially if she ate too much, or ate the ‘wrong’ foods, or ate at the ‘wrong’ time.  This condition could be painful.  As a result she had become fixated on thinking about food and the possible consequences of getting it ‘wrong’.

She used to enjoy socializing, exercise, walking, but now did none of these things.  As a private sort of person, she didn’t want to seem odd to her friends because she couldn’t eat the same foods as them or was having to eat to a different timetable.  She was stressed, anxious and miserable.  Coming to see me was a last resort and she was openly skeptical about the possibility that she could be helped, or even go into a trance.  “I’m too impatient for that” she said.


It soon became clear that Carol was more than capable of going into the calm state of hypnosis (most people can).  Better still, she quickly became adept at doing self- hypnosis – which is something I encourage all my patients to learn.  People who regularly practice self-hypnosis often make amazing changes in how they think, feel and behave.  In addition I loaned her an Alpha-Stim microcurrent device which in itself induces a calm restorative state.

As our sessions continued, Carol found that through self – hypnosis she was able to control her state and head off anxious thoughts and feelings before they had time to escalate out of control.  As she became calmer, she slept better, the reflux occurrences reduced with the result that she felt able to book a walking holiday with people she didn’t know.  This meant travelling by train which she hadn’t been able to do for years.  The holiday turned out to be a great success.

She is now far more resilient.  She is in control of her symptoms rather than they being in control of her.  She says, “I have found our sessions incredibly helpful along with the Alpha-Stim and I can't believe how quickly the problem has resolved considering I've been battling away for some three years.  I cannot thank you enough and to think I was so sceptical!”