The Mind - Body Connection

For those of us who blush, we know that just by thinking about an embarrassing situation our skin can colour up.  In fact every thought we have results in a corresponding experience of some sort in our body.  Often this is a feeling:  feeling good when we remember a good experience and feeling bad when we think of a bad one.


Sometimes our bodies ‘act out’ our thoughts in ways we cannot admit to ourselves.  It might be the business person dreading an upcoming speaking engagement who finds that a sore throat develops the day before, so the speech has to be abandoned.  It might be an IBS sufferer whose symptoms get worse when they are stressed – when they “cannot stomach” something.

Jane came to me because she couldn’t swallow.  She had been told that things had got so bad that the only solution was to have her oesophagus surgically removed.  Clearly she wanted to avoid that if possible.   As we chatted about her life it transpired that in both her home life and at work she had for many years been in a position where she was constantly having to take extreme and unfair criticism.  Yet in neither situation did she feel in a position to answer back.  She just had to ‘swallow’ it.  And now it seemed that her body was saying to her “we can’t swallow this any more”.


This made sense to Jane and once she realised that her life experience was being reflected in her body, she began to turn things round.  Hypnotherapy helped her tap into her inner resources of self esteem allowing her to be more assertive and feel more in control and she began to develop better coping mechanisms.  She was then able to retrain her body to swallow.  Now three years later, having been without symptoms for quite some time, her Surgeon is very pleased with her progress and has signed her off.