Alpha-Stim and Depression

Depression and anxiety are major world health issues. It is encouraging therefore that recent research gives grounds for optimism that there is much more that can be done to help people with these debilitating issues. It is known that the brain can heal and adapt.

Alpha-stim and Depression. Hypnotherapy Guildford, Southampton, Lewes, Loxwood, Haslemere

New medications are coming on line, together with other approaches such as the Alpha-Stim – which is a small MP3 sized device that is clipped to the earlobes and has the effect of stimulating the calming Alpha state, similar to that which can be achieved through meditation or self hypnosis.

It is my experience that people suffering from depression initially find it difficult to commit to the discipline of regular meditation or self hypnosis. They are prepared however to use the Alpha-Stim. Over 100 research studies and my own experience with patients show that over 90% of people report a significant improvement in how they feel. Using the device for no more than an hour a day, they report feeling calmer, more alert, more in control and able to cope, without the undesirable side effects sometimes experienced using antidepressant drugs. Research also shows that as one feels more in control, it is important to change old thinking habits in order to maintain a healthy mental state. Cognitive behavioural therapy in hypnosis is an effective way to learn and practice useful thinking patterns.

Sally was in her 40’s. Divorced for some years she was in a cycle of self worthlessness, drinking too much, smoking, eating the wrong foods, finding it difficult to sleep and frequently tearful. She sometimes felt that life was not worth living. Through a combination of Alpha-Stim use, hypnotherapy and counselling she gradually began to feel better. She stopped smoking, which boosted her self worth; she began to sleep better; she became open to exploring better ways of responding to situations and she got her drinking under control. She started going to the gym and as she felt good about herself on the inside she began to look radiant on the outside. Her outlook on life is very different now.

There are changes you can make today that will make tomorrow better.

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